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Photo Gallery | PHOTOS: PGFD Mass Casuality Drill Coincides With Tragedy

Prince George’s County Firefighter/Medics held a mass casualty exercise on Friday morning that tested their skills in dealing with a shooting at a school.

Firefighter/Medics kept their focus during the previously scheduled drill, despite the news of the tragedy that happened in Aurora, Colorado earlier that morning.

The drill involved a mock scenario of armed suspects entering a local high school with the intent of injuring and killing as many people as possible. Mass casualty skills were tested including triage, treatment and transportation of the injured, and the ability of the Bomb Squad to deactivate bombs.

“I believe the tragic news from Colorado actually created a greater focus on the days exercise for all the personnel involved.  Our citizens, businesses and visitors should know that we have highly dedicated and trained personnel capable of dealing with any incident that we may face.  Fridays exercise was just one demonstration of our commitment to train and provide the very best in fire and emergency medical services," explained Prince George’s County Fire Chief Marc Bashoor.