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Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center kicks off  the fall season with the announcement of its newest premier outdoor waterfront venue,  RiverView Terrace,  slated to open in Spring 2012.

“We are thrilled to see the construction of RiverView Terrace rapidly underway,” said Phil Coffey, Gaylord National's Senior Vice President and General Manager.  “The transformation of one of our prime outdoor areas will allow us to further set the standard for unique events in the Washington region and deliver an unparalleled experience for social gatherings.”

Apathetic Property Management Cause Anger and Frustration for Residents

Apathetic Property Management Cause Anger and Frustration for Residents

Nearly two years ago, a fire broke out at a Brookside Park Condominium building that displaced 24 families and has caused residents a world of problems.  Fortunately no one was hurt from the fire but the residents still today are waiting for a resolution to this issue.  Many residents have been scattered, even living in hotels, struggling with insurance companies and property management to find a way to make ends meet while hoping for the reconstruction of their building. 

Prince Georges County Announces External Audit of County's Housing

This story comes to us from Scott L. Peterson from the Office of the Prince George's County Executive:

This past Monday, December 27, Prince George’s County Executive, Rushern L. Baker, III announced that Prince George’s County has signed a contract with Virginia Tech University to conduct an independent audit of the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD).

Has National Harbor Helped Changed The Image of Prince George's County?

Ask drivers from Virginia, who travel into Maryland, and they will tell you it is hard not to notice the beautiful development that overlooks the Potomac River, especially during the evening and night times where the National Harbor is illuminated with bright vibrate colors.  The National Harbor has not only become a destination, located just minutes away from our Nation's capital, but also a symbol of change for a county that has long struggled with attracting large public and private sector employers as well as high to middle-class retail options for its' residents compared to the surrounding counties. 

Prince Georges County experiencing highest Foreclosure Rates in the Region

Prince Georges County has been experiencing a continued spike in foreclosures despite a new ruling that went into effect July 1. On July 1, the Maryland legislature’s “Mediation before Foreclosure” rule went into effect. Under this ruling, homeowners facing foreclosure can ask for a mediation hearing to explain their specific situation to the Judge and maybe get more time to improve their situation. Unfortunately, Judges have not been enforcing this ruling and many homeowners are still losing their homes at a rapid pace. Many of these homes now sit empty and are becoming a blight which is negatively impacting the Prince Georges housing market. Area real estate agents have no choice but to sell these homes through the short sale process which affects the housing prices in the surrounding area.