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Apathetic Property Management Cause Anger and Frustration for Residents | Community Spirit

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Apathetic Property Management Cause Anger and Frustration for Residents
Apathetic Property Management Cause Anger and Frustration for Residents

Nearly two years ago, a fire broke out at a Brookside Park Condominium building that displaced 24 families and has caused residents a world of problems.  Fortunately no one was hurt from the fire but the residents still today are waiting for a resolution to this issue.  Many residents have been scattered, even living in hotels, struggling with insurance companies and property management to find a way to make ends meet while hoping for the reconstruction of their building. 

During a recent meeting with property management, displaced residents were vocal about their frustrations over the process.  Among the many complaints that residents have had, they also were concerned about the oversight of the damaged property.  Residents have experience vandalism, stolen air conditioning units, and stolen property from inside their units.  Young neighborhood residents have found the vacant building as a playground of sort, running through it as if was an obstacle course.  Of course this is not without consequence as a few youngsters have been arrested and owners of the properties have had to scramble to their insurance companies for claims to seek reimbursement for stolen or damaged property.

With all that said, the question comes up, what is the property management doing about this?  Rogal Real Estate, the property management company, has caused residents a great deal of frustration.  A once thriving condominium complex has been blighted by an eye-sore.  Rogal Real Estate has offered very few answers to residents and has done very little to assure residents the safety of their property.  There will be a meeting this Wednesday, May 25th, at 7 PM, and many of these displaced residents are hoping to hear some news that will at least assure them that they will soon be able to call Brookside Park Condominiums their home again.