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The Film U.N. Me Opens Today! | Events

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The Film U.N. Me Opens Today!

U.N. Me is a lightly comedic documentary that focuses on the United Nations, written and directed by filmmakers Ami Horowitz and Matthew Groff. The film U.N. Me opens locally today at the AMC Courthouse Plaza 8 in Arlington as well as On-Demand. 


The film explores the state of the United Nations. It exposes the incompetence and corruption at the heart of the United Nations. It examines how an organization created to honor mankind, now actually enables evil and sows global chaos. U.N. Me takes us on a harrowing and darkly humorous tour of the U.N.'s scandalous disregard for the people and principles it was founded to defend.


“I was watching a Michael Moore film and I thought to myself how in our day and age there is genocide and corruption going on in our world and this upset me. I thought to myself, who is responsible for stopping this, who’s job is this to stop? So, I start to investigate” says Ami Horowitz 


The film touches on the causes and global impact of social and global issues such as peacekeeping forces stationed in Cote d'Ivoire, U.N. humanitarian effort, the Oil for Food Program, terrorism, human rights violations, international conflicts and genocide in Darfur. 


“I want audiences to understand the depth of the problems within the U.N. and understand that this can not stand. We need not to feel so comfortable about the direction that the world is going in.  We need to take a more active roll as Americans to make this world a better place.” says Ami Horowitz 


For more information visit http://www.unmemovie.com/

U.N. Me opens today, June 1st at the AMC Courthouse Plaza 8 in Arlington.