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How Social Media Impacts Job Seekers and Employers. | Business

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How Social Media Impacts Job Seekers and Employers.
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Job seekers face not only the challenge of sluggish hiring but potentially also a murky background that may not pass a social media background check. Several years ago we were debating privacy issues with respect to email and instant messaging on the job. Today, we are talking about the use of social media to screen potential employees. Whether accurate or inaccurate, a picture is painted of potential employees. If you are looking for a job and have a clean background, you still may have concerns. You may be concerned about the impact of potential untruths, private details that may be located on the internet, or comments posted to "friends" that may be taken out of context by a potential recruiter. Or if the so-called discovered information has been correctly attributed to you.  How uncommon is it for someone to have the same name?  If you are an employer, HR director or business owner, you have to be careful that you don't run afoul of laws that protect employees or potential hires. Companies also should have in place proper social media policies that cover these issues. Additionally, unsavory characteristics may eliminate someone from a job but if you are a company that outsources this function make sure that you oversee the actions of that 3rd party vendor.  Third party vendors create liability for you if they run afoul of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Third party companies must remain in the guidelines of the FCRA in the social networking context. Additionally, other areas of law are triggered such as privacy, data security, and equal employment opportunity and create potential liability.

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